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Adjustable Abdominal Exercise

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These Abdominal Exercise Hoop can not onlyhelp burn body fat quickly but also helps you achieve your ideal figure. Itcan also massage your waist to help you relax and cool down...


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These Abdominal Exercise Hoop can not only
help burn body fat quickly but also helps you achieve your ideal figure. It
can also massage your waist to help you relax and cool down after exercising.
You get 2 functions in one product: massage and exercise. This hoops’ fat
burning effect is faster 2-3 times than the normal hula hoop.

This Exercise Massage Hoop is made out of
high-quality ABS material. Not only it is light in weight, but it is also
comfortable to use every workout. This hoop allows the user to change the
number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their own
bearing capacity, and thus change their exercise’s intensity.

This massage hoop does not fall. You can
multitask while using this. You can watch your favorite video, check your
emails, and answer important calls. Anyone can use this hoop, beginners, men and
women alike, even if you don’t have experience in using the traditional one.


Smart Hula hoop exercise Slim abdomen S-shaped bodybuilding exercises, detachable design, can be adjusted to meet the needs of different stages of the gym, waist adjustable fat burning Hula hoop for weight loss.


Pay Attention:

1-It Should not be used within 1 hour before and after meals.

2-Children and the elder use with caution.

3-Suggested Exercise Frequency: 5 times a week 30 minutes a day.

4-Women avoid Exercise during Pregnancy and menstruation.

5-If in doubt, you can consult a doctor. 

Material: ABS
Applicable objects: Adult
Waist: within 90cm

Tip: The time to rotate the hula hoop should not be too long, the time should generally not exceed 45 minutes, the speed should not be too fast, maintain a constant speed of movement, and breathe evenly.


1. With locking buckle, easy to disassemble and install.

2.360 Degree Massage Circle Soft Hula hoop, you can massage the waist during exercise.

Applicable scenarios: fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage products.

Installation Steps:


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