Over the Past Few Month , It's Become Clear That the World is Facing an Unprecedented Challenge. Like you, we are deeply Concerned and Want to do What we Can to help. Keep our Communities and Our Families Safe and Healthy.

We're Living in Extraordinary Times, and as we're Learning more About COVID-19 Every day, we feel it's important for Our Employees to be Able to Stay Home and Support their Family, Friends and Loved Ones. This Sudden turn of Events my Lead to Delays in Shipping Orders as Our Carrier Partners are Modifying Their Delivery Processes. Due to Shortage of Staff, and Delay from Carrier Partners Such as UPS,DHL and Items The Whole Process.

We are Working Around the Clock to Ensure Our Customers Have Access to the Products They Want and need. we're Taking Sensible Steps to Help Protect Our Team. Many of Them are Unable to Come to Work DUE TO Travel Restrictions. Thus, we Would Highly Appreciate your Patience and Support Should. There be a delay in Response From Our Customer Service Team. If you Need to Speak With One of Our Customer Service Representatives Urgently, Pleas Contact Email: contact@mainsf.com.

We are Monitoring New Developments So What We can quickly Adapt and Continue to Provide the Product you Need and the Best Possible Experience.

We Recognize This is a Challenging Times for all, and we Remain Deeply Committed to the Safety of Our Customers, Teams, and Communities. In the Meantime, we Look Forward to Our Customers, Teams, and Communities. In the Meantime, Look Forward to Welcoming you to Our Store to Explore and Enjoy the Product that have Been Curated for Your Need and Well-Being.

Thank You for Your Understanding and Patience During This Unprecedented Time. We Look Forward to Your Continued Support.

Pleas Take Care of yourselves and Each Other;